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Cherishing Black History

Seal of the African-American/T-Shirts and accessories-Honoring Black History, based in San Francisco, CA, exists in honor of the African people enslaved and brought to America in chains. They and their descendants contributed to the building of America. Their testimony is this: while denied freedom, justice, and equality, it is their faith, hope, culture, and history that mark the “Seal of the African-American.”

Promoting Knowledge of Our Culture

Seal of the African-American

Every African-American should be aware of the newly created seal that defines a people. This seal is a call to action and focus on a new movement that recognizes our challenges ahead for productivity, creativity, and support. Our objective is to promote respect, pride, dignity, recognition, admiration, ethics, spiritual fulfillment, and faith. You can’t afford to do nothing! Purchase your Seal of the African-American!

The symbol seal of the African-American can be printed on items from Please call (510) 932-2072 or email to place an order.

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Call today and order one of our T-shirts, and stand tall with the symbol of a tested past, representing a glorious future.

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Honoring Black History

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